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Brigham Young University Women’s Chorus is a large ensemble honoring the elegance of the female voice through focused technique and well-rehearsed sound. Comprised of more than 160 members, Women’s Chorus is a collection of university students gathering from all over the United States as well as diverse nations around the world.

Women’s Chorus continues to garner attention from domestic and international audiences as it showcases a harmonious blend of voices and depth of sound. Under the direction of Dr. Sonja Poulter, the choir empowers the divine attributes of women alongside the skillful creation of music to engage its singers and audiences in peace-finding and faith-promoting experiences.

Women’s Chorus uses repertoire from all eras and styles to spotlight beauty in word and music. Diversity of genre and voice allows the choir to produce a range of musical experience from soothing reverence to full-bodied resonance.

Women’s Chorus is one of four prestigious auditioned choirs at Brigham Young University. Women’s Chorus welcomes aspiring singers from all majors with significant choral experience. Auditions are held annually.